Paint a glass cabochon into an eye – tutorial! Easy!

How to Choose Your Watch

When you are buying a watch, the initial thing that comes in mind is its objective. What are you screening? Lap times or lunch breaks? Or you just wish to look stylish, to wear it as jewellery?

A Brief History Of Omega Mens And Omega Ladies Watches

You’ve possibly been told at the very least when in your life that it takes time to build an empire. For some, that phrase was taken rather actually. Besides, what much better means to rule the globe than by managing the watch market?

Copper – The Healthy Touch

Copper is just one of the steels that have been used in fashion jewelry making from time immemorial. Today, this metal is blended with metals such as sterling silver as well as gold to give toughness to the silver and gold fashion jewelry.

Tagua Nut – “Vegetable Ivory” Jewelry

Tagua is a dried seed from the Amazon that looks like the finest elephant ivory. It is hand sculpted right into jewelry, grains, switches as well as lots of handicrafts. It is an environment-friendly product that is ending up being a lot more popular around the world for natural fashion jewelry, buttons and also handicrafts. It is a beautiful cream color product for which no pets are eliminated as well as it offers livelihood for many Aboriginal living in the rain forests of South America.

Points to Consider When Purchasing Vintage Costume Jewelry

Acquiring classic fashion jewelry can be challenging and you may not understand where to start. Here are a few suggestions to consider when you are purchasing classic outfit jewelry.

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