Intermediate Wire Wrap Tutorial SWIRLING EAR CUFF

What Is Moissanite Jewelry?

Moissanite is an uncommon diamond-like mineral that is significantly like any kind of precious stone and also treasure in the market. This special mineral was very first discovered by the scientist Henri Moissan while he was checking out rock examples.

Pearl Bridal Jewelry: Cultured or Natural Pearls?

Among the bridal jewelry staples on this earth is the splendid pearl. Any individual that would wear it according to the old Greeks is ensured marital paradise. What kind of pearl might you pick for your wedding event? Here’s a mini 411 on cultured along with all-natural pearls.

A Guide To Buying Gemstone Jewelry

The ruby belongs to the diamond household of stones. Its attractive red color is an outcome of the presence of chromium.

Good Luck and Protection With Hamsa-Hand Of God

Initial let us see the various names for the Hand, you will listen to individuals call it Hamsa, Hamza, Hand Of God, Open Hand Of God. The significance of words Hamsa is the number “5” from the Arabic language, as well as “HAMESH” which is likewise the number “5” in the Hebrew language. The shape should look similar to an open hand with 5 fingers there for it called a Hand.

How to Clean Vintage Jewelry

You have gotten a beautiful vintage sterling silver brooch yet it is tainted as well as boring, just how can you bring it back to its former glory – that’s if you want to ?!

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