How to Make Celtic Knot Drop Earrings – Wire Wrapped Jewelry Tutorial

Hey guys, it’s Jocelyn from Fantasia elegance in this video, I’m going to be showing you how to make these very cute kind of Celtic knot. Inspired flower inspired earrings. As you can see, it takes a bead and some wire wrapping and they are very fun and simple to do so. Let’S jump right in I’m going to show you what tools and materials you need to make these I’m going to need your standard set of tools. Just round nose, pliers two sets of chain nose, pliers and your flush cutters you’ll also want a ruler to measure out your wire and optional, but recommended is to actually have a jeweler’s bench block and Hammer as well.

That is optional. It just helps to make things. Look a little bit more finished for you. As far as wire goes with this design, I’m going to be using 21 gauge round dead soft wire. I do get all my wires from Rio Grande Comi.

Won’T always ask me that you can really use any type of wire you like as long as you’re able to fit two two strands of it through your bead hole and speaking of beads. Let’S take a look at what you’ll need for that. You will need two beads anywhere from about eight to fourteen millimeters wide. I believe these are just about 10 millimeters still one centimeter in diameter, and you will need two of those and you want them to be Center drilled. You want them to have a fairly large hole again, so you can actually put two strands of wire through here comfortably.

So let’s go ahead and get started first thing: you’re going to want to do is: go ahead and cut your lengths of wire, I’m going to go ahead and cut six inches for this. If you’re using larger, beads you’re going to want a little bit more wire, of course, and I do always recommend for folks the first time you’re making any design go ahead and cut a little bit more wire than you think, you’re going to need, there’s nothing worse Than getting to the end of a design and realizing you don’t have quite enough wire to finish it, so I recommend always adding a little bit on and using some cheaper wire. The first time you make something so again, one piece of six inches and that is little over 15 centimeters for those using metric. So the first thing we’re going to do very simply we’re just going to bend this wire right in half just like so we’re starting at the bottom of the piece. So we’re going to make this little bottom loop first and to do that, I’m just going to grip the wire right in the middle.

With my round nose pliers, I’m going to squeeze the sides to get a nice little teardrop shape going on. Just like that, and as far as sizing goes, you can kind of eyeball it with your stone to figure out what proportions they’re going to look best for you, mine is going to wind up being, I don’t know, that’s about six or seven millimeters, but a little Over a quarter of an inch right there, so after you’ve made your bottom teardrop we’re going to go ahead and do these two side ones same deal, making little teardrops except I’m going to bend these two tails down and we’re just going to loop it around like That there we go – and you can see here since I had it – it just looks nicer if it’s sort of flat, so I went ahead and took that wire back behind, rather than over top of the first done we made. If you can see what I’m talking about there and then similarly for this one, I’m actually going to loop it around on the top like that, just so that everything nests together nicely, and you only have two thicknesses of wire looking at at this direction. If that makes sense, so now, what we’re going to do is make sure everything’s symmetrical here. You want to make sure each little teardrop is the right size and shape at this point, so I’m going to do a little bit of squeaking there and I think I’m actually going to make mine my side ones not stick out quite so much.

So I’m just going to turn those in a little bit there. We go. I’M liking that – and this is a good point to go ahead and hammer this part out. If you want to do that, so I’m just going to real quick pull my bench block over. Take out my hammer and I’m just going to lightly hammer, I’m going to be focusing on the ends of each pedal rather than where all the wires cross over each other.

I’M going to go ahead and eat this, so you guys don’t get deafened. Okay. There we go so I just lightly hammered this out just to give it a little bit more of a finished look if you haven’t yet invested in a bench block and hammer, that’s fine! It’S still very pretty without doing that. So now.

At this point, we want to add our bead on, so what I’m going to do is take both of these ends. I’M just going to bend them a little bit, so they were going roughly straight up just like that. Okay go ahead and pull out your bead. That you want to use and we’re just going to thread him on over the end slide them all the way down just like. So you can see it’s already looking awesome and then we’re going to do the same thing and reverse at the top.

So I’m going to take one of these tails off to the right, one of them off to the left and we’re going to start by making these little side petals. So again, with my round nose pliers, I’m just going to bend around make a little teardrop shape. Loop and you do want these to be the same size and shape as the ones you made lower down. Just so that everything looks nice and symmetrical, and I find that anytime. I need to tweak something like straightening it out a little bit swapping over to your chain.

Nose pliers often works a little bit better for that. Okay, so that isn’t looking quite right, I’m just going to do a little bit more another little tweak here there we go. I’M liking that a lot better. So now we’re going to take these two ends and we’re actually going to use them to create a top loop that we’re going to wrap at the very top, as you can see here so to accomplish that I’m just going to kind of bend them into the General shape I want, and each tail is going to do one half there. We go just like that.

You want to make sure that this is this distance. Here is about the same as this distance here and then we want to bind this off and finish it. Some way so we’re going to do for that, go ahead and take the longer of your two strands or, if they’re completely identical just pick one and I’m going to grip it right where the wires cross and take that strand straight up. I’M going to go swap over grip, the other wire again right, where they cross I’m going to bring it so that it’s right horizontal like that, then I’m going to grip here and actually wrap the horizontal on around the vertical wire I’m going to very tightly wrap That just like so I’m after I have about two wraps on there. As seen from the front, I’m going to go ahead and started indoors, I’m going to go ahead and snip him off so that the end is facing the back, go ahead and snug that down you chain, nose, pliers and now for this vertical piece.

We’Re going to make a little loop so that you can hang an ear wire on there and you want to actually wrap this in such a way that you can get the end of it too, but up flush lis. With that little cut we made right there. So you want to place it place your wrap in such a way that that’s possible so for mine. That means I’m going to want to actually take it and make my loop here and envision it at this point, I’m going to want to take it back behind to accomplish that, and you can just figure that out by looking at and envisioning where your wrap is Going to wind up so, as you can see, I took that back behind and by doing that now, when I wrap it, it’s going to be coming from this direction around this way and we’ll, let’s be able to butt up smoothly. With that cut, I made right there and I do want to leave enough space for two wraps, so I’m leaving a little bit of space right here.

So, just a little loop, I’m going to make sure that it’s all straight there we go switching back to chain nose pliers, I’m just going to wrap this little end very tightly around the base here and you may want to set that pair of chain nose pliers. So we can hold with one and grab the end with the other, and you know what now that I’m seeing it I’m kind of liking, how it looks with just the three wraps on front. So I think I’m just going to do that and it should be plenty secure. So at this point you want to go ahead and snip this off, just where it’s meeting your previous cut, so that you can make it all meet up and not have too many obvious wire ends going on there. We go just like that, and now I’m going to carefully hammer out this top bit just to make it match what we did earlier.

You do want to be very careful hammering this part. You don’t want to hammer your coil too much that could make it break. Zoom in a little bit, you can kind of see what’s going on down here. So what I’m going to do is really position this at the corner of my block and just kind of gently hammer it without getting too close to either the bead, because that could break it or to any of the wires that are crossing all right. So after hammering method has be formed at all, and you can go ahead and just do a little bit of tweaking I’m going to pinch that a little bit pinch that one a little bit make sure everything is still nice and flat there.

We go so at this point. You can really do whatever you want with this. You can add another little bead dangle on the bottom of it. You can simply be done and add your hook on top, like I did with this pair, and I do have a tutorial on how to make your own ear wires. You can view that by clicking the box that will show up right here.

If you want to actually make a matching necklace or bracelet, you could make a whole bunch of these and string them together. That would be very pretty so really a variety of things you can do with this really simple and pretty design. So I hope you enjoyed this tutorial found it helpful. Please do leave a comment if so, and also I’m always open to comments with ideas for more jewelry tutorials. You might like to see in the future so feel free to comment about that.

If you have a moment, please check out my Etsy shop and Facebook page. The links are in the description section below sails from there do help me provide these free, instructional tutorials for you. So thanks so much for watching as always happy crafting.


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