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Hi guys, Susan Thomas here and today I want to teach you how to make station necklaces and bracelets to get started in this very simple project. You’Re gon na need some tools and supplies. First of all, you’re going to need a really pretty piece to be your station, and I’ve got a really cute little turquoise bezel set pendant with two rings on either side and then you’re also going to need some chain for the necklace you’re going to need about 15 inches of a small cable chain and for the bracelet you’re gon na need about six inches of a larger curb chain. Then you’re also going to need just some basics, like a clasp and some jump rings and finally, as far as tools are concerned, just your basic tools: you’ll need a round nose, plier a chain, nose, plier and a flush cutter. And then, if you want it, you could also have a flat nose plier.

I always like to have both a flat and a chain nose for opening and closing jump rings. But that’s up to you. Okay, let’s get started. Basically what a station necklace is. Is it’s a necklace with a station or a spot where there’s a an accent to be?

This can be in the center can be on the side. It can be kind of wherever you want it to be. I’M gon na create mine with it at the center of my necklace and also at the center of my bracelet, using the two loops on either side. So I’ve got some cable chain here, and this is just a two millimeter cable chain to do. My necklace with – and I want it to be about 16 inches long and so I’ll need about 15 inches of the chain, because the rest of the length is going to be taken up by my clasp em’ly jump rings and my station piece.

So I have found that the easiest way to get to exact lengths of chain is to cut one long length of 15 inches and then just divide it right in half. So I’ve got my 15 inch piece here and I’m just going to take my flush cutter right there at the center and I’m just gon na clip it like so so now I have two seven and a half inches piece of inch pieces. So now all you’re gon na need to do is take some jump rings and essentially fit that guy right there in the center. So, like I said, I’m going to use my chain nose, plier and my flat nose plier to open and close my jump rings. So I’m just gon na grab that jump ring on one side with my chain: nose, plier and then my flat nose open it up and put my connector on and then I am going to attach to the chain and then I’m just going to close it back Up using those two pliers and notice how I kind of twist it open and twist it close and stead of trying to pull it, you always want to twist and twist so I’m gon na do the same thing on the other side, all right!

So now you can see this is starting to look like a necklace, because that’s right in the center, so all I have to do is attach a clasp to the back, and I will do that with basically the same way. You’Re just going to take your jump rings and twist them open and attach and tap so it’s really just kind of assembly to put this together twist that closed and make sure you get those nice and tightly closed so that your clasp doesn’t come off and then I need one more little jump ring here.

You know all jump rings aren’t created equal and I’m using about a four millimeter jump ring to to do this, and the reason I’m using a four millimeter jump ring is because I don’t want you to notice the jump ring when somebody looks at this and you Tell them you made it they’re not going to be able to see how you put it together, just going to take this and twist it open, and have that other end and put this through the chain like so and then I’m just going to use a larger Jump ring on the other side to finish it off, and so then you can just take your little lobster-claw clasp and there we go just like so so you finish it off just like that.

So now we have our necklace made. So now you want to do the bracelet and there’s a it’s a little bit different doing the bracelet I like to do it a little off-center, because I like to have one side be sort of like an extender so that I can make a really tight bracelet On my wrist, and so I always start with one length of chain a little bit longer than the other, I’m using about three and a quarter inches of chain on one side and about two inches, maybe two and a quarter inches of chain.

On the other side. Depending on the size of my wrist, and then I’m going to attach that station between those two and then I’m going to put my clasp on the short end and leave this long. And then I’m going to attach just a little bauble or something cute. On the other end, to kind of finish, it off so same thing as before, we’re just going to open up our jump rings with our two pliers twist and attach super easy. Really, the most important part is having a really cute station.

So like this little piece with that bezel around, it is just really pretty and no matter what I do. I can’t make that look ugly, so you can also use a letter if you have your life, you want to use the letter of your name or the letter of your child’s name. That’S really cute! If you have a charm that has that on it, especially if it’s a connector like this, you could also use a bead if you want to alright. So let me just close that up like so, and so now you see.

I’Ve got that piece in there and I’m going to attach the clasp to the short side so twist open that jump ring and attach the clasp [ Music ] like so I’m using a little larger jump ring on these that I used on the necklace. This is about a five millimeter jump, a tooth between a five and a six is probably perfect for this, and now so you can see when this clasps it’s gon na, be it could go a little shorter like this, so it’ll fit really tightly around the wrist Or you can go a little bit longer, but there’s gon na be a little bit of chain hanging down almost like an extender chain on one side, and I don’t like to leave that unfinished because I think the finishing touches are what make your jewelry beautiful.

So I’m going to attach a head pin with a cute little bead on the end and to do that, I’m going to take my round nose, pliers and grab the head, pin right above the top of the bead like so bend it back into a 90 degree Angle, I’m gon na hold that bead and come up and over that bend about there so have about an eighth of an inch of ply to work with, so I’m just gon na grab it there and then roll back towards the bead and into a half circle. It’S that little half circle right there and then I’m going to regress pit with my plier and wrap the wire around that into a full circle and then, before I close it off, I am going to attach it to my chain so they’re, both together and I’m Gon na grab that loop that I made on the headpin with my round nose or actually, let’s switch the chain nose. So we don’t mess up our head, pin grab it just like that, and then take this piece and wrap it a couple times around.

To finish that off and then I’ll just take my flush cutter and get up nice and tight trim off that extra wire and then just press down that little end. So you can see how, when I clasp this, if I clasp it right here, it’ll fit right up against my wrist so that this piece will stay on top. But then I have this pretty chain hanging down in that little bobble at the bottom super-cute right. So now I have a really easy fun set of jewelry to wear. I hope you guys enjoyed learning how to make station jewelry.

I have got a few supplies and tools here. I want to remind you of before we get finished. Remember you’re gon na have to have some chain. This is the thinner cable chain that we used for the necklace and then you’ll need a little heavier chain for your station. Bracelet you’re also going to need that connector piece for the actual station.

So that’s gon na be a piece like this. Maybe that’s got a bezel around it that has a loop on each side and you’ll need jump rings and the clasp. And, of course, if you want to you’re gon na want a little head pin and a bead for the end. Finally, you’re gon na need some tools. Just the basics will do here.

You’Ll need a round nose, plier a chain, nose, plier and a flush cutter, and then, if you would like, you could also bring along your flat nose, plier thanks so much for watching. If you’d like to pick up some supplies like the ones we work for today check out the links down below what would you use is a station. Let me know in the comments don’t forget to Like and subscribe and I’ll see you again next time.

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