Hollywood Squares Bracelet – DIY Jewelry Making Tutorial by PotomacBeads

The Famous Jewelry of Marilyn Monroe

In honor of the 50th wedding anniversary of Marilyn Monroe’s death – August 5, 1952 – we take a look at a few of Marilyn Monroe’s most renowned precious jewelry pieces. Monroe is perhaps one of the most popular film star worldwide, and a symbol of precious jewelry and also fashion who is still appreciated and also replicated today.

Gemstone Crystals Healing Power

There is something mystical, so interesting that these stones give us with a feeling of power as well as that factor we are extremely brought in by them. We have highlighted the most popular as well as one of the most spoken about gemstone crystals mentioned most amongst the religious as well as ancient cults and tribes throughout the century of time.

Buying Jewelry At Wholesalers Prices Can Save Money

This does not suggest you need to buy products in mass as they can be acquired in relatively little numbers. Some of the high-end items can be found in packs of just 6. You require never ever be seen in the very same items day in day out.

Pocket and Wrist Watches and Other Timepieces

There are many different types of watches available today. Whether you want an antique watch or a modern-day one, there are numerous choices.

Different Kinds of Skull Jewelry

With changes in fashion, fashion jewelry has actually likewise advanced considerably over the decades. While there are several kinds and customs relating to precious jewelry in different societies, a prominent kind is skull fashion jewelry. This article reviews the kinds of skull precious jewelry offered out there today.

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